• Family and Farm

    Amastuola is one of Kikau group activities, a company founded in 1984 by Giuseppe Montanaro and managed by himself together with his sons Ilaria, Donato and Filippo with their respective spouses Giuseppe, Anna and Raffaella. A family united by the common goal of innovating while respecting history and tradition.
    La storia della Cantina Amastuola
    Filippo, Donato e Ilaria in the tasting room of the winery
    Amastuola is a place created in the mind of Giuseppe Montanaro, eclectic entrepreneur with innovative ideas, who is sensitive to the environment, the culture and the knowledge.
    “I think that in a global market each company should search for its own competitive advantage based on the resources that it has at the start and what territory it can offer. For this reason since 1994, I realized that I must invest part of my industrial company’s earnings back into agriculture and rural tourism. As an entrepreneur from Southern Italy, I have always believed in the value of the earth, I have always chased ambitious projects with great determination, even when there were only a few people that believed in them. Amastuola Garden-Vineyard was born from love for my land, from constant research of its beauty through an ethical and respectful entrepreneurial attitude. Since the farm’s beginning, we have embraced an organic philosophy as a sign of love and respect for a land that has given us so much, and that will never betray us as we look after it as one does a child. For this reason our organic wines have tradition infused in their taste and foretell of extraordinary work, of waves and sensations. We aim, in small steps, to contribute to the excellence of Italian wine, marking out new steps of evolution and re-invention on the path of the tradition..”
    Giuseppe Montanaro
    Il Vigneto Giardino in Autunno

    The Garden Vineyard

    Amastuola vineyard is the only one of its kind in the world, it is able to combine production, aesthetics and tradition and it has received many international awards over the years. It is characterized by row of vines arranged like parallel and marked waves that extend for about three kilometres interspersed with 1500 olive trees placed in twenty-four islands over the whole surface of the vineyard.
    Il Vigneto Giardino

    Il vigneto Amastuola è un’opera unica al mondo, oggetto di studi e riconoscimenti internazionali, capace di coniugare produzione, estetica e tradizione. Un armonico susseguirsi di filari di viti disposti come onde accentuate e parallele che scorrono fluide per tre chilometri, in un movimento intervallato da millecinquecento ulivi secolari disposti in ventiquattro isole su tutta la superficie del vigneto.
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